Thursday, June 5, 2008

My first attempt!!

Well, this is my first attempt at blogging - so bear with me!! A little bit about me....I'm a stay at home mom (which I love!) and have the best husband in the world - Greg. I've always referred to him as my knight in shining armor. We have 8 children: 1 of whom is still in Guatemala (we've been in process of adopting her for 19 months) a little girl we've named Lydia. Our oldest is Caleb (13yo), Grace (11yo), Abby (9yo), Luke (9yo), Andrew (8yo), and Ben (4months old - a WONDERFUL surprise from Heaven above!!). We also have one child in Heaven since last Nov. - Seth. He was 10 years old and died after being hit by a car. We are still in the midst of our grief and yet still have hope. God has blessed us with Ben (born 3 months to the day after Seth died) and have Lydia to look forward to. With the help, support, and prayers of our family and friends, we are just taking one day at a time. is the first day of summer vacation for our kids. We let Caleb go with his friends for the first time to McDonalds after school and then walk to his friends house - oh is it so hard to let him grow up!! I'm anxious to hear how it went today! That's about it in a nutshell! I'll try and add pictures at some point........

always seeking Heaven