Friday, July 25, 2008

Yet another delay

Well, we just got word yesterday that Lydia's birth certificate won't be ready until the end of next week. we were suppose to have received it last thursday!! once again we keep saying "we'll believe it when we see it". So we just lost another 2 weeks. this ending phase is truly horrible!!! If receiving word that we were outta pgn was like having my water break - these last few weeks are like pushing for ever and ever - OUCH!! It just seems like the carrot is being held right in front of us and then it's like..."nope, don't think so....come a little farther" So, we go camping next week with greg's family - looking forward to that, looks like great weather. We opened Abby's gifts last night for her bday (which is on Sat). It was extremely hard finding something for her this year!! ended up with a new outfit for her, one for her american girl, and a cute beach bag. We then opened up Seth's memory box that his teacher had put together of all his school stuff. we hadn't opened it before.....just too hard. He was such a little stinker!! there was a journal that the students wrote their memories of seth. one girl wrote several memories of him including him trying to give her a wedgy and then breaking her belt!!! Another remembered him sneaking out of class when it was time for lunch! It was nice to read those things - brought him back to us a little. It was fun to read the "naughty" things he did - he was such a little stinker at times. I only wish for a few of those things now! You know you miss someone alot when you wouldn't even mind seeing him being naughty! Makes me wonder if he's as sneaky in heaven as he was here. i just picture him sneaking up on God and trying to scare him - although...He's God, he'd know that Seth was there!!! :) you wonder about the strangest things sometimes!

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Racine said...


I am so glad you started a blog! Keri let me in on it, hope you don't mind me reading it!
How frustrating to be yo-yo'd around so much regarding Lydia. Your family is constantly in my prayers that this process will end soon and you can have your little girl! Hope you have a great time camping!