Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It just dawned on me - many of you had seth moments too. if you would....if you're able and willing....could you share them with me? i LOVE hearing things about him that i didn't know he had said or did. could you help me keep him alive - just for a while longer? thanks ..... from a mom who wants to hang on for as long as i'm able.


Kristin said...

I didn't know Seth, but I completely understand your desire to have people talk about what they remember. I hope that you are blessed with many priceless stories about your sweet boy!

lauren said...

Seth HATED when I asked him about girls :) grace and abby were/are always so willing to give me the low-down on what boys are cute, funny, etc., but whenever I would ask Seth if he liked any girls, his face would turn red, he would give me a silly punch, and leave. :)

Jolynn said...

you are so right! he HATED being asked about it - although i think it was a love/hate kinda thing, he loved being asked but hated admitting to anything. he'd have that smirky smirk and then leave. thank you....thank you for reminding me of that!!!

Ruth Deemter said...

Greg told me about your blog this week. I have enjoyed the pictures and reading.

When you ask for memories of Seth, I think of both Seth and Luke, because it seemed they were inseparable.

My first memory of Seth is the day I got to finally meet him. You were brave enough to bring all 5 kids to the office. It seemed like Greg had the pictures of the boys on his desk for SO long while you waited for the adoption process. I can still see Seth and Luke standing there, trying to take everything in. It must have been so overwhelming.

Then when I left the office and would see Greg at Sts, I would ask about his family. He would tell me stories about the boys at school and on the bus. One time he said, "It's October and we haven't even gotten a letter from school yet!" I have my Lance, so I could really appreciate those stories so well!

I pray that as the one year anniversary approaches, that you can feel God's peace and love anew.

Keep writing! Love, RD