Friday, November 28, 2008


let Christmas begin......
we started putting up the Christmas decorations including the kid's tree upstairs. this tree is one that we put all the kid's ornaments they've made throughout the years. it's a colaboration of paper/paper mache/pictures/and any other adorable ornament they've made in school. this year we let the kids take charge of it...from start to finish (with just a little help along the way..)
so i just wanted to give you a glimpse into the Christmas spirit at our home....

LUKE: that's not the part that goes first
CALEB: get outta my way, i think i know what
i'm doing!
MOM: boys.....

ANDREW: can i have this ornament for my tree?
MOM: yes

LUKE: i'm going to put the branches down now
CALEB: stop it stupid....they don't go down yet until we screw in these screws to tighten
the tree down!
MOM: boys...

ANDREW: can i have this ornament for my tree?
MOM: sure

GRACE: i don't think that works like
that...the cords have to go together in
order for the lights to go on
CALEB: no duh
LUKE: i'm going to put the branches down now
ABBY: look mom, my ornament from kindergarten!

GRACE: can i have this ornament for my tree?
MOM: sure
ANDREW: i made this one in 1st grade
LUKE: no you didn't I made that one
ANDREW: nuh huh...i made it
LUKE: did not
ANDREW: did too
MOM: boys!!!!!!.....
GRACE: my christmas tree is going to look so cool
ABBY: so is mine
CALEB: where's that one tree that light's up on the ends,mom....can i have that one?
MOM: sure
LUKE: but i wanna have one too...which one can i have
MOM: we'll find you one, bud
ANDREW can i have this ornament mom?
MOM: sure
LUKE: look i'm a professional juggler (as we watch him throw 2 ornaments up in the air and
step on a third)
MOM: pick up the broken pieces, luke!
CALEB: (putting about 16 ornaments all in the same area)
GRACE: need to separate these ones
CALEB: you do it then!
ABBY: look mom...i found seth's kindergarten ornament!

MOM: yea, look at how little he looks!
ANDREW: can i have this ornament mom
MOM: sure honey (wondering at this point WHERE he's going to put all those ornaments!)
ABBY: i want this rope thing mom (beaded strand)
LUKE: no i want it
GRACE: what are YOU gonna do with it?
MOM: merry christmas, merry, merry christmas from your favorite kmart store!
ABBY: did you just make that up?
MOM: nope, it used to be a commercial when i was growing up
LUKE: that sounds like a really old commercial
MOM: thanks, luke!
CALEB: good goin' butthead
LUKE: yea, like you know what you're talking about
CALEB: more than you
LUKE: well....
DAD: are you guys just about done so we can get this picture done? ben is getting way cranky
down here!
MOM: just about done!
GRACE: we are no where close to being done, yet dad (said in unison with mom!)

GRACE: i get lydia out of bed when we're done for the picture!
ABBY: no way...i'm gonna!
GRACE: you got her out from her nap!
ABBY: no i didn't that was yesterday!
MOM: girls!!


GRACE: we're done mom.......whadya think?
MOM: i think it's just perfect!
ABBY: so do i
LUKE: i think it's the most beautiful tree ever
ANDREW: mom, can i have this ornament for my tree
mom: sure
CALEB: not bad....for our first time!
MOM: you guys did great!
(notice abby hanging onto seth's
kindergarten ornament)

so...this is how we started our Christmas season....i hope that we're just a normal family trying to make memories with our kids. when everything and everyone had calmed down i went up to look at the tree closer and found this....i think purposefully placed...........caleb had hung his kindergarten ornament right next to seth's. took away all the "bad" of the night and just reminded me that we are all still family. through all the arguments, non-encouraging words, and always having the last word....we're all still family - whether here together on earth or apart from us in Heaven.
Merry Christmas everyone.....God's blessings


Heather said...

Well, we are decorating our tree tonight and I'm sure we'll be replicating a similar scenario (despite the fact that our family is roughly half the size of yours, I bet we could make twice the noise!). :)

The last photo is absolutely priceless and will be a special memory in and of itself. Happy HOlidays, Jolynn! Hope to see you in person in 2009! :)

Sarah said...

This must be the greatest blog entry of all times!