Wednesday, April 15, 2009


tonight marks a very important date for greg & i. we have our first meeting with a group of people that we've been called to ask to be involved with our project. a few weeks ago i hinted at something that greg & i were being led to do and tonight starts the beginning of that project. it's a journey that started with seth's death and hopefully will last for many, many years to come. God has been so 'at work' with this that it's beyond humbling. let's just say we feel COMPLETELY out of our comfort zone and completely in the middle of God's plan for us....which is exactly where we're suppose to be i guess.

we are in the process of starting a non-profit ministry. this ministry is geared towards children who are grieving the loss of someone in their lives. it will be faith-based which is different than other children support systems around. we can't imagine having to speak with kids about death and dying without talking about heaven and God. so that's what He is calling us to provide a place where children can come and be with other children who are going down the same grief road that they are on. we pray that we will be able to minister to these kids that they have nothing to fear of heaven - if they have asked Jesus into their hearts. we experienced our own kids being almost fearful of heaven....which is normal i would think. they know and have been taught that heaven is this wonderfully happy place - but it's still an unknown to them and now that they know someone who is actually there we needed to explain to them what heaven was really least from what the Bible tells us it's like. so we pray that we'll be able to minister to these kids who are thrown into these unknown grief feelings and to reassure them, to provide a safe and Christian atmosphere for them to deal with their feelings, and for them to get to know other kids their age who are feeling the same way.

so that's it in a nutshell. a great, big, ginormous nutshell.....but a shell all the same. please pray for us tonight and in the weeks ahead as we get this ministry going. pray that we will be able to see where God is leading us, who He needs to be involved (if He's calling us!!! :):)), and most of all for HIS name to be glorified.

so this is the beginning....a beginning of something that will honor God utmost, but also be something that will be a legacy for our seth. i pray that both will happen.


Kristin said...

how great! God is using your grief to find beauty in the ashes!!! what ages are you working with? how young is too young?

seeking him... said...

praying for you and God's mighty work in this new ministry! May He continue to lead each and every step, providing all the way, every need!
Love you!

Heather said...

Jolynn... it's hard to find words... but my heart feels very full right now! I wish a ministry like this existed 20 years ago when I (at age 10) grieved the loss of my brother. My grief was more or less unrecognized and therefore suppressed. The problem is -- that kind of grief doesn't just dissipate. I eventually dealt with it very unhealthily about a decade later. This news is like a song to my soul. May God richly bless you and all of the families you touch.

According to God's Plan! said...

That is neat, Jolynn! I wish you the best with the new ministry, wish I was closer so that we could assist you in your journey! Lv, Stacy