Saturday, July 25, 2009


yesterday we made our way to the lower loop of yellowstone and saw old faithful. what an amazing work of creation! on our way through yellowstone we were able to see a bald eagle, bison, coyote, elk, and on the way home a moose! i was amazed at how much of the park has been damaged by wild fires. i wasn't expecting that.

today is a lay low day. we're preparing for tomorrow when we make our big trek to the grand tetons. i was able to finish taking the kids' pictures outside today. the kids are doing great except when luke stepped into a 4 X 8 piece of EXTREMELY sticky paper to prevent ants from getting past....he stepped into it ACCIDENTALLY of course. he then continued to spread the sticky mess throughout the entire house!!!!! UGH!!!! to which andrew followed suit and ACCIDENTALLY stepped into it too - yea right! oh i was so upset!! it was nearly impossible to get that stuff wiped off! the boys are needing a routine and that's why we decided to stay around the cabin for today.

we're planning on doing white water rafting on monday....really looking forward to that!
it's been a week since we left....i can start feeling the homesickness settle in just a little....i'm such a home body!


Jen said...

Are you sure the boys need routine or is it their mama? :) The pics are great, almost like I am standing in front of it. Enjoy the "peace". You'll appreciate it once reality sets in again. I miss ya!

Stephanie said...

LOVE the pictures! This is bringing back great memories as this is one of my favorite trips. It is amazing on the peace that you feel when you are out West (why not in MI I don't know!) Can't wait to read, see and hear more about the trip