Wednesday, August 5, 2009

BACK IN THE SWING OF THINGS that word! we got home last saturday from being gone for 2 weeks. 2 weeks is a VERY LONG time in the van with a screaming 18 month old! WHAT WERE WE THINKING?!?!?!? actually, ben didn't do too badly, just some tense times when he was refusing to sleep and needed it about 100 miles before that! all i can say is that dramamine is our friend! yes, i admit it....we drugged our child......the first time i felt INCREDIBLY guilty. the 3rd time.....not so much!

it was a vacation that was filled with laughing, crying, staying up super late, driving, eating, playing a gazillion games of monopoly, driving, playing with the kids, white water rafting, driving some more! did i include driving? all i know is that about 1 inch on the atlas is about 2 hours of driving time!!!!! everything out west is big! i'll include some more pictures of vacation, but for now i'll let the kid's own words of what their favorite part of our out west adventure was:

caleb: "probably the grand tetons and hiking up to the waterfall"

grace: "our apartment at the cabin"

abby: "grace....wasn't mall of america your favorite??!?!"

grace "oh yea.....put that on my list too!"

abby: "my favorite part was the grand tetons and jenny lake"

luke: "playing pranks on the girls!!!!" (and MANY were done to both boys and girls!)

andrew: "going on the rides (at mall of america), the tv in the cabin, me and jonah's own bed,
going on the hike, seeing that water spray way into the air, seeing a moose, oh yea and
riding that boat over that lake (taking the ferry across jenny lake), trying to see the
bear at the cabin, riding in jonah's van"


seeking him... said...

I am so glad that you are home too! I love Abby's first comment! And I love the pictures!

Jen said...

I too have awaited your arrival back home. Your vacation looks great, kinda peaceful like too (if that can be done with a posse of kids). I see life lessons throughout the pics. Makes me itch to travel with my tribe.

Heather said...

Wonderful pics, wonderful memories, wonderful homecoming! :) Now I want to head out west!!

Kristin said...

Beautiful pictures! What a great way to see God in a new light! I am glad the trip went well!