Tuesday, January 6, 2009


so many hurting families are heavy on my heart these past few weeks. so many families experiencing their first holiday season/beginning of a new year without a loved one. they keep coming to my mind so often - especially during the night. i lay in bed unable to fall asleep and these families are brought to mind. so much sorrow, sadness, loneliness, aching hearts.....and hopefully for them just a little spark of hope. that's all that it takes....just a little spark.

sometimes grief is so encompasing that just a spark is all there is - and yet God says that's ok. our faith doesn't always have to be this full roaring fire (at least i pray it doesn't - since mine has been far from that)....it just needs a spark. you know it's like when you're building a bonfire and you just need a little flame to get a nice fire going? i think it's like that when you're going through a valley of grief. hang onto a spark of hope/faith and God will do the rest.

i think at times we feel like we need to do it all ourselves. we forget to tap into the power that's inside of us - the Holy Spirit. it's like he's in us begging us to just lean on him....we don't have to do all the work, in fact we CAN'T. we just need to 'bring to the table' a little spark of faith and the Spirit will ignite that spark and lead us out of this dark tunnel of grief.

so many people are on my heart....kristin s., kerry h., mary beth c., karen s., byker family, gortsema family, john & deb t., now most recently the travolta family. i hope that they all feel prayed over, loved upon, cared for.....i hope they have just a little spark that will again one day turn into a roaring fire for all to see - not for their own glory, but for the honor and glory of the One who provided it.

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