Tuesday, January 27, 2009


i tell you what....the conversations that we have sometimes at the dinner table would just make you laugh. the other night was one of those occasions. i don't know how we got on the subject but caleb was giving us his idea of how he thought the rest of greg & my life would play out. he was in 'trouble' from the get go!!!

"in a few years dad will still be working, mom's already retired now, and then dad will join mom in retirement." he went on and on about something else and by the end we were living in cardboard boxes and then we lost our 'house-box' and we had to move in with him and his family.

i have some issues with his perceptions on our lives. 1) RETIREMENT???????? did he REALLY say RETIREMENT!?!?!?! and that i was ALREADY IN RETIREMENT???!?!?!?!?!?!! ooooohhhhh buddy......them's FIGHTEN' WORDS!!! retirement....tell ME i'm in RETIREMENT!!! tell me....i'll TELL you!!! :):):) 2.) that we are living in cardboard boxes. it doesn't give me much faith in him or his ability to aid in his aging parent's lives that we went so far as to be living in a cardboard box! and 3.) that it was ONLY when we lost our 1st home, then our 2nd 'home-box' that he was FINALLY willing to let us come and live with him.

so.....caleb received a life lesson from his mom. in my mind....i AM in retirement where HE'S concerned.....no meals, no laundry, no rides ANYWHERE, nothing.....nada.....zilch......zip. i'm interested in what he's going to say when his clothes hamper (which is overflowing mind you) is STILL in the laundry room - NOT DONE!!! boy, i'm going to milk this lesson for all its worth!!! hopefully by the end of this.....he'll KNOW what 'RETIREMENT' for a mom looks like!!! :):):)

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Jen said...

What I LOVE about this week's edition is that when you get to the end of it lined up directly next to the written word is the biggest grin I think Caleb could ever give. Almost like the kid is "playin'" you. Besides just "hearing" you speak as I read, this is how I see Caleb having this "discussion" at the dinner table as his mom wants to "go off" on him! :)