Friday, January 16, 2009


i love, love, love tuesdays. these are the days that our niece emily gets to come and spend the day with us. emily is 1 week older than lydia and also from guatemala. it has been so fun watching these two beauties together!

they love running after each other around the circle of our house. i love hearing them giggle with each other and even watch them "fight" over a toy or two.

emily has started on the new venture of potty training. she is doing so well with it. at her house when she's finished she yells out to monica "mom, did it!" so emmie comes to auntie's house ......auntie puts her on the potty every hour or so. meanwhile lydia is standing by watching every minute of it. at one point i had taken emily off the toilet and turned my back for a few minutes getting her redressed. when i turn around what do i see but this.................

boy did i ever fall to pieces laughing!!! so...our little lydie thinks that going potty and taking a "bath" mean the same thing. at least she's coming along.....before this all she ever did was put her head in the toilet and come to us with dripping wet hair! she's now figured out which end of her body belongs where now - she's coming....slow but sure!!! :):)

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Kristin said...

That made me laugh! Thanks.