Sunday, March 29, 2009


it's amazing what little things can make a grown women cry. friday it was a stuffed radish....a silly little stuffed radish. i was at school putting out the clothes that i was going to sell at the 2nd hand sale the next day when i saw it. it was sitting next to a pile of other stuffed animals for sale...a small red radish with big floppy green leaves and goofy little eyes....and all i saw was seth coming out of surgery to remove his vocal nodules and this little vegetable sitting next to him.

he ADORED that little radish. played with it like it was a basketball (go figure!). took it to school for show and tell. pelted his brothers with it in their backs. slept with it. and eventually gave it away. you see, seth had this habit of giving away his prized possessions to his friends. i don't know if he was trying to make friends or looking back now...was it prophetic - knowing he wasn't going to be needed it much longer?

it wasn't only HIS things that he gave away - he also took other's prized items. just ask greg someday about his biggest, clearest, and best agate! it was in a dish with other pretty stones and one day it came up missing. seth had THE MOST guilty look on his face! to this day we don't have a clue as to who seth gave that to. one of my favorite stories about things seth wanted to give away was his boxer shorts. i think he was in 2nd or 3rd grade when he had a friend overnight and they were upstairs just talking and laughing away. i couldn't resist so i went up and eavesdropped on them (as only GOOD mothers do - right?!) i am so glad that i did because what a heard was so precious. seth's friend was commenting that seth had the coolest parents (smart kid!) because we allowed seth to wear boxer shorts to which seth replied 'well, if anything ever happens to can have them' WHAT!?!?!?! only seth! (follow-up to this story: after seth died i washed up a few of his boxers and gave him to his friend along with a note 'from' seth - according to his mom he kept them in a safe place and once in a while i think she told me that he wears them! too cute!!!)

today it was a radish....i wonder what next will come my way?

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seeking him... said...

What a beautiful gift God gave you in the little red radish! And what a beautiful giving heart Seth had!
Love you!