Friday, March 6, 2009


i have been wanting to put this picture up for a while now. it's by far one of my much so you all are just going to have to look at it for a while! :) we had given each of the kids a new 'seth bracelet' for christmas. the girls have their bracelets made with their birthstone while the boys have blacks and tans. all of them have the square beads spelling out seth's name. (i think that greg and i may just have to cave and get us one too!) i love the way ben's looks like on his pudgy little wrist. i also love the different skin colors.....from winter white to olive brown to deep tan. the kids say that all we need now is a "beautiful black hand" - someday maybe. it was grace's idea to put the star in the center - it was a great idea to honor seth. we have been so blessed. all the praise goes to the One who has blessed us with these.


terp said...

great photo...amazing family.

Kristin said...

it is a beautiful photo!

Heather said...

JOLYNN! That is an awesome photo -- and backdrop story. You amaze me.