Tuesday, February 24, 2009


without going into too much detail...i'm asking for prayers from anyone that we may hear God very loud and clear this week. greg and i have been in the process of praying about a new project (no not another adoption!!! :):):)) that we feel we're being led to create and we need to know without a doubt that this is from God and not just from our hearts. it's a very exciting possibility and very scary all wrapped in one. we're to the point where we need to go the next step, but we want to be reassured that this is in fact where God is leading us. please pray that we receive God's guidance through this and that He alone is the one to receive the glory from it. i can't wait to share more specifics, but for now just know that it is something that will help keep seth alive in our hearts and hopefully help many more families in the process.


Mami Sue said...

praying for this Jolynn!!

Heather said...

So excited to hear all about this "project"! Praying for you.

Jen said...

Intrigued, but praying nonetheless!