Thursday, February 26, 2009


our sweet lady-like little lydia is at times gone. at school yesterday she and her class were having cheese balls for their snack. now, let me put this in perspective here regarding lydia and cheese balls.....she doesn't just LIKE them she DEVOURS them!! NO ONE can stand in the way between lydia and cheese balls. whenever we don't think that she is eating much or gaining much weight - we get the cheese balls out! i think that she truly would inhale the ginormous costco sized container of cheese balls all by herself.

that said......yesterday - school - snack time- cheese balls - lydia - unaware teacher of lydia's love of the cheese flavored air balls. teacher was giving each of the students ONE cheese ball at a time. if the child wants more they have to give the teacher a ticket to request more (several of the students do not have language skills yet). well, our sweet lady-like little lydie was NOT receiving enough cheese balls in a timely matter in her opinion clear as a bell she turns around and YELLS to the teacher "MORE!!!"
her teachers dropped everything and just gasped at this little tyke of a girl scream out for more cheese balls!!

her teacher was so excited to tell me this when i picked her up! do you THINK that she has even WHISPERED a 'clear-as-a-bell word' to me yet? NOPE! well i think that a trip to costco is on my agenda for tomorrow!!

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