Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another Van Wienen is "born"!!

So folks.....she's all ours!! as of 10:30am lydia became an official van wienen!! we went to the embassy and it went very smoothly (the absolute last item of this process was the ONLY smooth part of this process!) the pictures don't due her justice....she is a happy, smiley, cuddly, affectionate little girl - and she's ours!!!! She slept wonderfully last night. i was able to rock her to sleep and sing to her, she cried just a little - not a scared one but a "i-don't-wanna-go-to-sleep" cry (it's universal to children all around the world!!) she slept all night and we had to wake her up this morning for the embassy appointment. we woke her up with a "buenos dias, lydia - good morning" to which she returned a HUGE smile and lifted her arms up to us. Oh did our hearts just soar!! She is very tiny! she's tall (slightly taller than her cousing emily) but so very thin. we figure she will be in the same size diapers as ben is! actually ben has a bigger belly and thighs by far - we're anxious to weigh her, she can't be much more than ben is. we need to get her home and fatten her up. this picture was taken just before our embassy appointment with her official "pink slip"

and this is the only one we could get of her without her eyes closed. we decided to take grace's digital camera with us instead of ours and we're just trying to get used to it.

so the rest of the day is a trip to the local "walmart" for something for her to eat - she doesn't eat very much at all. then the missionary, Joel VanDyke, who keith and monica have worked with is stopping by for a visit. the plan is to go up to the school tomorrow, antigua on saturday, zoo/market on sunday. thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers....looking forward to coming home!!!

greg and jolynn


Julie said...

She is beyond adorable!!!!! God is great!! SO Happy for you!
Love, Julie

selders said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!! So happy the appointment went smoothly and that she is bonding well with you. Is Grandma & Grandpa getting their fill of Hugs & Kisses too?!!

Jen said...

God IS great!! Such a beautiful girl! You are blessed indeed!! I am so glad to hear she just snuggles right in... like her sisters and her "little" brother already.:) Enjoy the rest of the week with your "sight-seeing" and enjoying such a precious gift to your family.

Julie said...

Oh you guys! I just can't stop looking at that beautiful little face! She is such a cutie!
Congratulations again!
Love, Julie Cole

sandy said...

Good evening all you Van Wienen's!!

It is so good to see your pictures and hear from you! Lydia looks so very precious, and she does look like she could use some "beefing up." She just needs some of your good home cookin!

We are so happy to hear that she seems to be adjusting so well. (Another answer to prayer) We pray now that your remaining time there will go quickly and smoothly and that you have a safe trip back home to Hudsonville!!!

God Bless you all!

Lots of Love (and hugs and kisses for Lydia)

The Browers

Kristin said...

Praise God! I am glad that your little girl is safely in your arms.

Sarah said...

Thinking of you constantly- I even dreamed of you last night! Can't wait to meet her : ) ~Sarah Z

BGTebben said...

So happy everything went through and the final step was the easiest! God is good - all the time! Enjoy your weekend!
Love, Glenda

Racine said...

Oh Jolynn she is beautiful! Thank you for updating through this process, I'm so happy for you to have your little girl with you finally!! We will be praying for a safe trip home for you all!