Friday, August 8, 2008


yes you've read that right .... we got pink!!! that means we received our pink slip which has our embassy interview date. i had many different ways that played out in my mind about how we were going to find out - i can guarentee that i never thought it'd happen this way!! our sw had told us that we probably wouldn't hear anything until the earliest on friday, so i stopped stalking our email around 4pm. we had supper, i went over to sandy's house for a while, came home and talked with greg for a while, then we started getting ready for bed and i thought i'd check our email one last time. "adopt guatemala: visa appointment packet enclosed" is what i saw first. i said to greg "um, honey....get over here.....i think we have pink" opened the email and sure enough - we got pink!!!! i started screaming hysterically while greg kept reading the email. "WE GOT PINK!!! WE GOT PINK!!! WE GOT PINK!!!!" is all i kept screaming to which ben woke up screaming, i ran upstairs to wake the kids: grace was shaken awake by her hysterical mother, andrew half-heartedly woke up - picked his nose - fell back to sleep. abby woke up yelling "where's the fire? where's the fire". caleb was awake already and just laughing at his mom running around the house like a maniac. luke shook like he had a seizure and then fell back to sleep. ben is now screaming his lungs out. so at around 11pm tonight our house was turned upside down. Now the details: we think we'll fly out next tues, have her brought to us on wed., with the appointment on thurs am. we can't pick up her visa paperwork until the following monday though!!! ugh - long weekend at the hotel. the embassy is closed on fridays so that's why the paperwork won't be available (sounds like a cushy job huh?) the initial plan is to fly back sometime on the following tues. the 19th.
so friends.....our little girl will walk back into our lives in only 6 short days. 6 days left of this incredibly long journey. 6 days for her little heart to be ready to join our family. please pray for her. her world is going to be turned upside down in 6 short days and yet our world will be so much more brighter with her in it.
Like we sang 9 months ago in a hospital room saying good bye to seth "Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise Him all creatures here below. Praise Him above the heavenly host. praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost." God is so good......all the time.


BGTebben said...

Yeah and Praise God!! That's all I have to say! (Did you get any sleep?)

selders said...

Praise God!! Best Wishes and safe travels