Tuesday, August 12, 2008

HOLA from Guatemala!

Well, we're here - the day is finally coming upon us. how are we ever going to sleep tonight? probably as poorly as we've slept these last 4 nights since we got our pink slip! traveling was uneventful and we're all settled in.....now all we need is our little girl. the toys are spread out, her new clothes are ready, the snacks are just waiting to be eaten....now all we need is our little girl. prayers have been answered, safety was given to us for traveling, everything is unpacked....now all we need is our little girl. hours from when our world will be changed and hours from now her world will be changed....now all she needs is her mama and papa. tomorrow sweet lydia - rest well tonight - for tomorrow you'll be ours.


Julie said...

Good morning Greg and Jolyn! God in ALL his goodness and faithfulness has finally brought you to this day! We are sooooooo excited for you and remember how long those hours seemed once you are in your child's homeland! We will be praying for you and for Lydia that she will remember you and the tears cried will be those of pure joy!!!
Greg and Julie Cole

Jolynn said...

heheheheheehheee!!!! she's almost here!!!!! I CAN'T SLEEP!!!!

sandy said...

Good Morning to you all!!!

Today is the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yeah!!!!!!! We can hardly stand the excitement on our end, we can't imagine the excitement on your end! We are constantly wondering where you might be and what you might be doing and if all is going well. Our kids keep asking where you are and what you will be doing each day. They are trying to understand the paperwork process as well and wondering what a visa is and why you have to wait so long to get one! We will be praying today especially for Lydia as she makes the transition to her new mom and dad (and grandpa and grandma)!!

God's blessings to you all and lots of hugs and kisses for Lydia from the Browers!:)

Jen Kuipers said...

Good Morning, VanWienens!
I have a little spring in my step today and I think it is because I am thinking of you. I keep watching the clock wondering where you are, is she in their arms yet, and what is all involved in your "pick-up" process today. PLease know that you are remembered and prayed for today and throughout this week, not only there in Guatemala but also here is MI as six other very special VanWienens await the arrival of their little and big sister. God bless you all in the days ahead.
Love, Jen & David & tribe

Tim/Ellen VanderPloeg said...

We are soooo excited for you guys!!! We are so thankful for safe travel and now we pray for everything to go smoothly with Lydia's transition!!! Can't wait to read your next "blog" :)
The VanderPloeg's