Friday, August 29, 2008


so it's been 10 days since we've been home from guatemala....what has happened in the van wienen home? ben is up 3-4 times a night again, gracie notified me that she needs to shop for school since she has NOTHING (said with as much attitude as you can muster!) to wear for her 1st day of middle school, caleb needs a hair cut desperately and he forever is refusing, luke spent the weekend with a school friend and his family at their cottage last weekend and told us first thing when he was dropped off that he got bit by a fish in his "nards" (only a 10 year old boy!!!), andrew has gone missing on us at least a half dozen times - back to the basics with him, abby just adores lydia and doesn't allow her to walk at all becuz she wants to carry her new sister around 24/7, and much has already changed with her including her allowing to have a picture taken with a great big smile on her face!!!

greg is going strong back at work, and mom? well....i have only a few hours of sleep at night thanks to mr. ben-ben, i don't get a shower until at least 11am on a good day, i've taste-tested more baby food (to see if it's too hot) than i want to admit, my hair truly is coming out, the bags under my eyes are the size of the grand canyon.......and i'm loving every bit of it!!! i truly feel like i'm doing the job God has designed me to be doing - being the best wife and mom i know how to be. i pray that i will be able to do the job He has called me to do with as much grace and wisdom as He provides. my prayer is that we can raise these gifts God has blessed us with to grow in the knowledge of our Heavenly Father, that one day they too may experience the joy of children and have wonderful memories of their own childhood.

so.....we ready them for their next phase of life - some into their last years at middle school, some in their first. some in their last year of grade school and some right in the midst of it. some beginning to learn what family is and some just getting through a full night of sleep. i hope we're prepared.....good bye summer......let the new school year begin!!!

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Racine said...


Thank you for your outlook on motherhood, it is so inspirational. And when I'm up with Aiden at night, I'll be thinking of you, possibly up at the same time with sweet Ben. :-)