Wednesday, August 13, 2008


nothing and i mean NOTHING ever goes as planned in guatemala!! we got up bright and early this morning - some earlier than others! - and we waited and waited and waited some more (what IS God trying to teach us i wonder!!!) by 11:30am we had had it and called sylvia our bethany contact down here. she called back and said that lydia was suppose to be brought to the med clinic for her final medical evaluation at 9am - aracely didn't show until 11:30!! we were notified around 12:30pm that lydia was at the clinic and that afterwards they would be bringing her to the hotel. We got a phone call around 2:30 saying they'd be here by 3:00 - they got here around 3:30!!! i swear if we don't have an ulcer after today....... sylvia was not able to be here when they dropped her off - it wasn't until 8:30pm (10:30pm our time!) that she finally came and went over the paperwork with us. come to find out it was aracely who was the culprit most of the time that made this process so much longer than it ever should have been....but that's all over now - lydia is here, she's happy, she's healthy (although on the very, very skinny side!!! in fact she probably will be wearing the same size diapers that ben wears!!! yes, i said diapers - we were so hoping that this potty training stuff would have been behind us!!!). she was smiling and touching our faces all over with her long skinny fingers. she had a bath - and LOVED it - splashed all over and grandma and mama both ended up with a "bath" too! to hear her laugh ..... that wonderful belly laugh - it made our hearts soar!!! she fell asleep in my arms singing to her. she was crying some, but not a scared cry - more of a "i-don't-wanna-go-to-bed-cry". but she finally caved in and she is sleeping soundly. early morning tomorrow at the embassy and then onto the walmart like store they have down here for some things. good it feels to have her here! we all will sleep well tonight...............together from now on!!!! thank you once again for checking up on us and for praying us through this long and happy day.
PS: will post pictures tomorrow - we want to make sure the kids see her in their emails first before sharing her with everyone else.


Julie said...

Oh you guys! Boy, will you have stories to tell Lydia when she's older. What a ride it has been! But, the end is finally here! God is good - all the time! Sometimes we don't always like his time table- but we know that He does work everything out for the good of those who seek Him! The truth of that is in that sweet little girl you are finally holding in your arms! We are sooooooo happy for you!! It sounds like the transition went well - and that she is happy her mama and papa finally came to get her! Can't wait to see pictures!
Love, Julie Cole

Jen said...

"In His time" indeed. I too cannot wait for those pics. It was probably a good thing I thought about you guys ALL day and prayed for you too from the sounds of it. So glad Lydia was able to "baptize" you and Grandma VanWienen into the joys of a two year old. :) You are still in my prayers! Have a great day with that special daughter/ granddaughter you have waited sooooo long for.
Love, Jen